Spiritual Chapter 31 - "The 28 Arabic Alphabets in Man's Body"
From: Spiritual Book 02 - "The Pearl of Wisdom",
Author: M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him)

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Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.  In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.  Al-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu.  May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessing of God be upon us all.  May God help us all.

Text of Chapter 31:


God make Muhammad (Sal.) appear as a Peacock.  

As Allah looked at the Peacock with His grace, the sweat that fell melting from the Peacock became the celestial beings of the seven skies.

Allah stared at the Peacock and addressed it, 

"O Muhammad!"

The Peacock trembled and cried, 

"O Allah, by Your look my whole body is being dismantled, and falling off
separately piece by piece!"

Allah replied, 

"O My Muhammad, I intend to create man through you."  

He gazed at the Peacock and said, 

"Look at Me!"

Thirty-one pieces dismantled themselves from the Peacock and separated themselves to stand individually.  As Allah continued to gaze with His eye of grace they became thirty-one alphabetical letters.  Three of the thirty-one letters stood separate.  They were "Alif""Laam", and "Meem".  The remaining twenty-eight letters stood apart.

The Peacock Muhammad questioned, 

"O Allah, why are three of my thirty-one letters standing separately?"

Allah said, 

"O Muhammad, these three letters are Alif, Laam, and Meem. "

"Alif is the ever-existing indestructible Me, Laam is Aathi Muhammad, the
ownership of all human lives, and Meem is you, Muhammad."

"The two of You will shine as My two eyes, I shall be the gnostic eye within the
forehead.  I shall ever shine as the invisible first moon that is seen by none."

"O Muhammad, you will appear as the second day moon.  You will appear
brighter than I and will exhibit Me.  Some will know you while many will not."

"Aatham will appear as the third day moon and will be seen by all lives in the

"But O Muhammad, We, the Three Letters will ever exist and the two of you will
always be with Me."

"I am about to create man with the twenty-eight alphabets that stand 
separate.  I shall create Aatham (Sivam, the religion of Hindu god Siva)"

Saying so, He created Aatham with the twenty-eight letters, and assembled each letter in its place in man's body.

The alphabets cried out,

"O Allah, you are separating us away from You, and keeping us inside man's
body, section by section.  How can we exist away from You?"

Allah replied,

"I am going to create Aatham.  I shall be in his forehead."

"Muhammad will be in the bridge of the nose.  I shall be in the forehead and 
will be called Allah-Alif.  Laam will be called Aathi Muhammad and will 
reside in the bridge of the nose, and at the base of the throat.  Aathi [Roohu
will be in all lives."

On hearing this, the twenty-five letters asked,

"O Allah, where will You Three be?

Allah replied,

"We will be in both worlds shunting to and fro.  Those who see Us in the other
world will be very rare.  If they can see Us with clarity, they will discover Us 
being there as well as being here."

"If they so see Us, We shall not depart and will always stay with them."

"Excluding Me, the twenty-seven letters that are You will shine as twenty-
seven little stars.  You will be acclaimed in the world."

The alphabets further questioned, 

"O Allah, will man know that although we are little stars we are mingled with
man's body?"

Allah replied, 

"To make this known, I have created Aatham in the forehead and the Pearl called
Muhammad is embedded in it.  By the glow of that Pearl I will be seen, and so
will all substances be seen by man."

Allah created Aatham and inside Aatham He created Hawwa.  Within Hawwa He created the Prophets whose sacred names are Nuhu (Noah), Ibrahim, Ishmael, Moosa, Dawood, Esa, and Muhammad.  Having created the Messengers and made them Prophets, Allah created Muhammad (Sal.), and through Him sent the 6,666 sacred magical Ayaths (verses of the Holy Qur'an).

He instructed Muhammad (Sal.) about the past glories of the existence of  the (27 little) stars, the twenty-eight Arabic letters that have been born as the Aatham's children, about their bodies, and the little stars that shine in the world.

Muhammad (Sal.) was shown Allah's Powers.  He was shown the human body with the formation of the Arabic letters, and the loftiness of these alphabets.  Muhammad (Sal.) was shown the characteristics of man's body, and his greatness.

Allah further told the twenty-eight alphabets, 

"I shall shine as the ever-brilliant and never-hidden brightest star of all, and 
you, the twenty-eight letter will exist as little stars."

"Excluding Me, you will be twenty-seven little stars.  I shall divide you into 
twelve Rasis (zodiac signs), and you will exist as twelve celestial beings that 
govern the twelve openings in man."

"Of these openings, nine will be impure, and the others will appear pure, and 
capable of seeing Me."

"For the clarification of people, and all other lives, We Three will appear as 
Three Moons.  Aatham is the New Moon.  Muhammad is the Full Moon.  
And I am the First Moon."

"You, the twenty-five alphabets are within Us.  Those who see Us will control 
you.  You will control those who do not know Us.  Our secret is your secret."

"I shall make the infant Muhammad aware of the secret of all creations."

(Note: in the published pager version of Chapter 31, a picture of a man, made out of the 28 Arabic Alphabet, followed by a list of the 28 Arabic Alphabet, in Arabic, is provided at this point in the Chapter. Currently neither of these are provided as part of the On-line version of Chapter 31)
Allah further told the twenty-eight alphabets,

"I shall shine as the ever-brilliant and never hidden star of all."

"It is with these (27) letters and Me that you exist as the twenty-eight letters.  
Excluding Me, you are twenty-seven little stars."

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- Chapter 31 -
"The 28 Arabic Alphabets in Man's Body"
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